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The Japan Karate Association
Based in Tokyo, Japan, the JKA has branches and dojos worldwide and is one of the oldest and most prestigious karate associations in the world. The JKA has an unrivalled reputation for quality of teaching and senior instructors often visit the UK to teach at national and regional courses. The JKA web site has a detailed description of its history and heritage and an explanation of the organisation with links to worldwide branches.

JKA England
The JKAE is a steadily growing association of karate clubs formed in 2003 as the official England branch of the Japan Karate Association (JKA), "keepers of karate's highest tradition".
The primary objective of the Association is to teach and foster the development of authentic JKA Karate. This will be achieved under the leadership of Sensei Ohta and by way of regular training courses, gradings and championships.
JKAE objectives are:
- To Promote, teach and practise traditional JKA Karate.
- Organise and regulate JKA Karate gradings, training sessions, events and championships.
- Provide members with such services and support as may be available through their membership of JKAE.
- Do all such other things as are incidental and or conducive to the furtherance of the objects of JKAE.
- The JKAE web site is a regularly updated and invaluable source of information about the association.